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Due to many of my readers are asking for further discussion of TIPS FACING A TANTRUM CHILD, this time I will share again the article TIPS FACING A TANTRUM CHILD Part 2, here I will discuss about tips for dealing with children with tantrums that have gone beyond normal.

Tantrums in children under 5 years old are actually a normal thing, they still have a limited verbal and communication skill. As a result, they sometimes experience frustration because they are unable to convey their wishes. It is also made a development to their emotional and social abilities. However, if a child’s tantrums have gone beyond the normal limits or excessive, it could be a sign that there is a problem with the child’s development.

It is important for parents, especially mothers, to know what tantrums look like in children who have gone beyond the normal limits. How does a child fall into the category of tantrums beyond the normal limits?
1. When the child shows the tantrum behaviour for too long, gets angry, cries and slams things around them for more than 25 minutes without stopping.
2. When the frequency of the tantrum behaviour is getting more
Children experience tantrum from 10 to 20 times a month, or even in a day they can experience more than 3 times by shouting or throwing things, it can be said that they has exceeded the normal limit. The possibility that the child is experiencing serious mental problems and must get treatment by a psychologist.
3. Hurt other people
Throwing tantrum behaviour like rolling on the floor may be a common thing for a child who is having a tantrum. However, if they have hurt other people around them, such as kicking, hitting, or scratching, then this has gone too far.
4. Hurt their self
Injuring themselves during the tantrum period, such as banging his head or scratching his body. This action shows a sign that they have a severe level of psychological pressure as well as a
form of seeking the attention of their parents after they didn’t get something what they want.
5. When the child is unable to calm their self
When the child has not been able to calm their self after releasing their emotions. This causes the child’s anger get worse until they rage and scream.

The tantrum dealing tips in children who have crossed the normal limits can be done as follows:
1. Help the child to express their frustration.
Children understand words more than they can express. If the child can’t speak yet, teach them the sign language for words like “I want”, “more”, “drink”, “sick”, “sad” and “tired”. As your child gets older, help them express their feelings in words.
2. Be consistent.
Stick to the routine as much as possible, including time for bathing, eating, napping or sleeping at night. Set boundaries and make rules that make sense and follow them consistently.
3. Let the child make choices.
Avoid saying “no” to everything. To give the child a sense of control, let them make choices. “Which blue or red dress would you like to wear today?” “Orange or Banana do you want to eat
4. Appreciate their good behaviour
Pay extra attention when the child behaves well. Appreciate them, give praise, hug and tell them how proud we are when they behave well.
5. Avoid situations that can trigger tantrums
If the child shows tantrum when we don’t bought a toy for them while shopping, then try to avoid the toy store area.
6. Consult a Psychologist
Of course, this is the last step when moms feel overwhelmed and worried about their child’s tantrums that has gone beyond the normal limits.

Okay moms…good luck…

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