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This time I’d like to discuss about teenage boys and masturbation based on real story and teenager development, regardless from law and religion, only because this is one of those things that’s almost done by 99% men.
Once day, there is a woman came to the school to meet me. She’s my male student’s grandmother. She said that she hopes this school could lead her grandson. She got a report from their household assistant that every clean her grandson’s room, this assistant found lots of tissue with sperm smell. That report made her came to school and told me what her grandson has done in his room.

On my occasion at class, I asked the male students, “Who among you all that have never done masturbation before?” and none of them raise their hands and reveal they’ve never done it before. This means that all of them have done the masturbation before. Why I asked like that and not “Who among you all have done masturbation before?” because if I ask them with the second question, I’m pretty sure they’ll be ashamed to admit it.
Then I asked them a favor to tell me in words, when the first time they’re doing it and what makes them doing it. How shocked I was when I read their stories, the average done it when they were still in Elementary School. They start doing it intents in Junior High School. The impulse that makes them doing masturbation is watching porn movie that they can easily access it in their phones. They also got the porn movies from their friends. They favorite place to do masturbation is their rooms and at bathroom.

Okay beautiful moms…
No need to be panic if you found out that your teenage son is doing masturbation. Based on several literature, teenage boy would doing masturbation if they were being aroused. They would touch around their genitals and find out that masturbation could cause orgasm and ejaculate, and they think all of that is interesting and exciting. In general, men start doing the masturbation at age 11-14 years old. There is active period that average over 20 years men would doing masturbation before finally getting married. During that active period, average of them are doing masturbation twice a week. Although there are who done it less or more, it still considered normal if it doesn’t disturb their daily routine activities. The masturbation frequency mostly done by teenager and will decrease step by step when their age is getting older and married.
Will be a big problem if the masturbation frequency level is too much. Masturbation behavior that too much is a neurotic symptom that causes physical and psychological strain so make it turns into a pathological disorder. Then this occasion is caused by psychological disorder that is more serious and nesting in unconsciousness or in the individual subconscious life.

How to make boys reduce or stop their masturbation behavior?
1. Talk to them by heart to heart, and don’t be judgemental
2. Ask them to avoid those things that trigger them to do masturbation
3. Tell them to do their favorite exercise
4. Ask them to fill their free time with social activity
5. Keep them busy with their good hobby
6. If you find it difficult to communicate it with your son, then seek for the professional help to make your son off from their masturbation behavior. You can meet their Guidance and Counseling teacher at their school, Psychologists, or religious leader.

Okay moms, good luck 🙂

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