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We all know that taking care of children is not always that easy to do moms. Not a few parents complaining about their children. There are just moments that don’t go according to our plan, such as children who have difficulty on eating, often wet the bed, lazy to bathe, lazy to study, lazy to worship or they even argue. If you are experiencing child’s drama like this, don’t be discouraged, Moms, because all of that can be overcome with hypnotherapy.
Hypnotherapy is a form of mind therapy that the hypnotic method. So, how does hypnotherapy work for children? Hypnotherapy for children is a way to change their behavior, habits and programs of a child’s mind using hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is a subconscious mind therapy. So, by applying hypnotherapy for children, it’s hoped that common problems that are often experienced by a child can be overcome.
There is a powerful way that you can try to change a child’s behavior with hypnotherapy.
1. Positive Sentence Affirmations
You can try to give positive sentences to your little one, Moms. For example, by saying, “Now you like to eat vegetables and fruit” when our child is asleep. Say that suggestion sentence in clear and unambiguous language. Avoid the words ‘no’ and ‘don’t’ because its association is negative, but here you are instilling positive suggestions in your little one. For example, if your child has a hard time eating, you can use positive sentences such as, “Smart child, mama loves you, eat well dear, so you’ll be healthy and smart.”
“Say some positive sentences repeatedly so that the suggested mind can receive it well,” in addition. Parents can also help overcome the anxiety, worry or fear feelings in children by using hypnotherapy.
2. Do it when the child falls asleep
Change the negative emotions into positive ones in children should be done when they begin to fall asleep. “It is the conditions where are easy to accept when the subconscious mind has entered a deep stage,” said Widya. Children’s growth and behavior can be overcome with this technique. Positive suggestions that come out during hypnotherapy are able to influence children’s thoughts and behavior, can programed their thoughts with something positive.
Here’s how we doing it:
1. When the child begins to fall asleep, you can increase their awareness a little by rocking his body or calling his name gently. But do it slowly, don’t let them wake up.
2. Once the child has started to respond, for example by answering or making special moves, it means that they are ready to accept suggestions.
3. Say the following suggestive words:
“Dear (say their name), mama’s smart child, from now on you (or call their name) have to study hard, so you’ll become smarter. Be mama and papa’s pride, will you? Do you understand dear?”
4. Repeat at least 3 times, until they respond.
5. Do this for 7 days in a row, then you will see changes in your child.

Another important thing in doing hypnotherapy when the child is asleep, you should only give one suggestion to change one behavior. Avoid asking your child to make several behavioral changes at once. Make a priority, what of their behavior that you want to change, and do it for 7 days, and after 7 days you can replace it with another suggestion.
Ok moms, good luck

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