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As a wife, sometimes we cannot fully rely on our husband’s income or salary. Especially if we as wives don’t work in an office and only become a fully housewives, plus household needs and our children needs are increasing. How to take care of our children but at the same time we can also increase the family income? Side jobs for housewives can be a suitable alternative for you to stay productive in the midst of having to take care of household needs.
There are several businesses or side jobs that can be done for housewives:
1. Become a Freelance Writer
This is the first housewife side business. In this digital era, writers have a very important role. No need to be surprised, just look at every website, application, even to the social media content that you open, all of which definitely need written content. You can start by writing a short story or novel, and send it to a publisher, this can bring in quite a lot of money. Or you can start a blog, write articles from mothers’ daily experiences in parenting, or articles about developing hobbies at home, such as flower plants, skills in making accessories, etc. If you are diligent in updating your blog, your blog can be glimpsed by brands to follow the campaign. In addition, income from advertising can also bring a source of passive income.
2. Become a Translator
For moms who have expertise in foreign languages, this ability can also be used to earn additional income at home by becoming a translator. There are many translator jobs that you can find on the internet with quite lucrative salaries.
3. Be a baker or found cake/cookies business
Moms can try starting a business in the food sector such as cakes. You can try learning how to make cakes like birthday cakes or cookies. Having these skills is quite profitable for you to be able to open your own business area by relying on the abilities you have.
4. Catering Business
In general, surely mothers can cook, right? There is nothing wrong with trying to take advantage of opportunities in the culinary field. There is no need to think complicatedly to the stage of opening a restaurant even though it is very possible for businesses in this field to be directed there. If you intend to do business in the culinary field, you can start by opening catering services, ranging from daily family meals, to food for party treats. You can use a private kitchen first and take advantage of the network you have starting from your friends, neighbors or husband’s friends at the office. Also you can use social media to market your catering business, but keep in mind that the previously mentioned relationships also play an important role in promoting your services by word of mouth. In addition to not requiring additional costs to rent a place such as build a restaurant.
5. Become a drop shipper
Armed with a smart phone, you can become a drop shipper or distributor of goods from distributors to consumers. The method is also simple, you can see the trended goods that being loved by many people and then offer those items to the people around you. Usually, as a drop shipper, you will get the lower price than the normal price in the market. So you don’t have to be confused in taking the price margin to keep it in line with your customers. Try using social media or an online store in e-commerce to market the items you were going to offer. Besides being easier, this also allows you to reach a wider range of consumers.
6. Become a Tailor
For moms who have sewing skills. This skill can be valuable capital to start a side business. With only 1 multipurpose sewing machine and sewing skills, you can open a tailoring service. Neighbors will usually need this effort when they want to make some clothes with certain materials, for example to make school uniforms, and so on. You can also make clothes with attractive and unique designs, you can offer and sell the clothes you made. You can even expand it by opening your own clothing boutique at home.
7. Child Care Services
For those of you who really like children, there is nothing wrong with opening a day care service or child care. If you find it difficult to do this business alone, you can hire employees to help you for taking care and accompany the children who are left at your home while their parents are working. Indeed, to start this business, you must prepare a play area and a place to rest for them, at least a place for them to take a nap. You can even develop day care by recruiting nurses for experts in child health or teachers who will accompany children to learn while playing.

Okay moms, here are some side business ideas to help increase your family income. When starting the business, you can provide special promos or discounts. When customers already know the quality of the products you offer, they will be happy to come back again and participate in promoting your business.

Good luck moms….

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