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It is undeniable that we as mothers often feel an excessive stress. We know, when a person experiences stress, the cortisol and adrenaline hormones will increase and could trigger heart disease, digestive disorders, and even depression. The experienced stress also can affect the immune system, so make our body get sick easier.
Economic problems or heavy workloads are problems that are often faced by someone as they get older. If these not getting handled, these problems can cause stress.
Then how to overcome the negative feeling so it won’t get worse and interfere your activities or even your health. Here are various ways to relieve stress to keep your body and mind healthy.
1. Do activities you like
Try to remember, what activities that make you lose track of time and really enjoy doing it. Do things you enjoy such as planting flowers, reading books, watching your favorite movies or whatever hobbies you enjoy until they can help lower your stress levels.
2. Exercises
You can do light exercise such as morning walk around the house or complex area, cycling, swimming, yoga, or taking aerobic or Zumba classes. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals that make you feel better.
3. Listening to music
Listening to music can have a very relaxing effect on the body. Instrumental music is one of the genre that can trigger a relaxation response by helping lower your blood pressure and heart rate as well as stress hormones. Some types of classical music, Celtic, Native American and Indian music can be very relaxing. However, listening to your favorite music is also effective in reducing stress and excessive anxiety.
4. Mindfulness
Mindfulness practice can help reduce the symptoms of stress and depression. There are several methods for increasing mindfulness, including mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, mindfulness-based stress reduction, yoga and meditation. When you are experiencing stress and there are so many problems in your mind, try to meditate. This can make you more focusing on the present happen things or your original goals.
5. Laugh
Laughing can relieve tension by relaxing your muscles. In the long run, laughter can also help boost your immune system and mood. Find humor in your life by hanging out with funny friends or watching comedy movies.

Ok mom
They are some ways to deal with stress. Good luck.

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