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Hyperactive children usually show a condition that makes them unable to control their behavior. Children’s activities also exceed the average age of their friends, excessive physical activity, and react quickly without thinking. If not controlled properly, this behavior can certainly harm their own self and others. Because, children frequently cannot predict the impact of their behavior.
Hyperactivity is one of the behaviors that children with the Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) may have. It is developmental disorders in increasing children’s motor activities that cause children’s activities become excessive and more aggressive. This condition is characterized by feelings of being easily agitated, explosive emotions, unable to sit still, tends to talk a lot, and difficult to focus.
Dealing with hyperactive children is not an easy thing for parents. Many parents are done wrong in dealing with hyperactive children, parents often yell at their children and tell them to be quiet when they see their children behaving uncontrollably. Even punishing them by putting them in the bathroom and locking from the outside. All of that will not help hyperactive children in controlling their behavior.
Here are some ways moms can help control their behavior:
1. Set a structured lifestyle
Hyperactive children generally tend to be anxious when they don’t know what to do. Hyperactive children actually need clear, firm orders, need a structured and routine lifestyle. It will train the child’s brain to accept something structured and systematic. This can make the child calmer and focused on doing something.
2. Make clear and consistent rules
Hyperactive children need clear and consistent rules, don’t change at any time, and do not varied from one day to another. Mom can also applied some reward and punishment if it necessary. Rewards can be in the form of praises, kisses or hugs when they succeed in carrying out instructions correctly. Likewise, when they make a mistake, give the consequences that must be borne as a result of their actions.
3. Keep away from distractions
Hyperactive children cannot be asked to sit quietly, this will only make them feel more anxious. Keeping them away from distractions around them will help them focus more. For example, placing children away from windows, doors or sources of noise.
4. Invite your children to exercise together
How to divert their excessive energy in hyperactive children is doing an exercise. Invite children to participate in sports such as football, basketball, self-defense and other sports that require a lot of energy.
5. Give simple tasks
Hyperactive children have difficulty following complex instructions. If you want your child to do some stuffs before they’re going to bed, it would be better if you immediately take your child to the bathroom and ask them to brush their teeth, wash their feet and face, also accompany them to their room and ask them to pray before going to bed.
6. Be patient
Stay calm and patient, try not to yell at them, and do not punish them physically. You’re training them to calm down and not to be aggressive, so don’t be a model who in a temper because that will only reinforce his behavior. Stay away from children who are venting their emotions. If you got a little provoked, try to calm yourself first. After you can calm down, just approach your child and hug them slowly so they will also get calmer.
7. Pay attention to what your children eat
Make sure your child is getting balanced nutrition from fruits and vegetables, plus adequate amounts of carbohydrates, protein and fat for their age. Try to reduce the consumption of excess packaged or fast-food in children. Usually, these two types of food contain high enough sugar and easily absorbed by the body, but can also go down quickly. A sudden drop in blood sugar levels in a child can make them cranky, such as lack of energy and hunger. And this is what makes their behavior and mood became unstable.

Hopefully this will useful and can help mom in overcoming and dealing with hyperactive children. If the hyperactivity condition in a child can’t be controlled anymore, you should consult to professional to get the most appropriate treatment and the professional will help with a proper medication.

Good luck, moms

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