About Me


Hello , wonderfull mom

My name is Sulartiningsih, you can call me Oning. I'm a mother of 3 children and I'm a guidance and counseling teacher in Junior High School.

I once experienced being a single parent because my husband died and my 3 children still a child back then. I experienced how difficult it was to divide my time because I had to go to work and dropped off and picked up my children. I was not a person who had more money to pay people for dropping off and picking up my children. So I had to handle it by myself. 

Oh ya..., and I've become a guidance and counseling teacher for 23 years. Every day I meet students who are going to grow up into teenagers. You all know how difficult it is to face early teens, don't you? 

In this blog i'd like to share my stories how I take care of my own children and my students who, if I count since I became a teacher have been around 8,000 students that I have guided. I based on that will give you some simple tips and tricks in a  communicative language that easy for you to understand. I hope you will love it. 

I also really want to hear your story. So if there's anything you want to ask or share your story, don't hesitate to send me an email at oningrohman@gmail.com